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A new way to enrol with NAPA

From September 2020 we’re changing the way that parents enrol and pay for classes at NAPA.  This is partly to discourage too many people queueing to pay in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, but also to give families more flexibility.

It would help if you could set up an account and pay online but if that’s not an option for you – you can still come in to NAPA and pay, of course.

It’s really not as complicated as it looks below!

Please follow these instructions to get started:


  1. Go to www.napaclasses.co.uk
  2. Click Register at the top right of the screen
  3. Fill in all of your details to set up your account (these are the parent’s details not the child’s)
  4. Click REGISTER when done


  1. Click on PARTICIPANTS to the left of the screen
  2. Click ADD NEW
  3. Fill in your child’s details
  4. Please click the photo consent box if you’re ok with us using images including your child on social media and other promotional material
  5. Click ADD
  6. Repeat this if you’re adding more children to your family account


If you’re not sure which is the right class for your child, you can book a phone call from one of our team on 5th or 6th September: ENROLMENT APPOINTMENT

  1. Click EVENT SEARCH at the top right
  3. If you know the name of the class, ie “Ballet” type that in the EVENT NAME box
  4. Tip: you can also time the day of the week, ie “Friday” in the search box
  5. Click SEARCH
  6. When you find a class you’d like to book onto – click on MORE INFORMATION
  7. Click BOOK NOW to enrol onto this class
  8. Click next to the name of the child you’d like to add
  9. Click the circle next to the price for the term and then UPDATE BOOKING CART

You can repeat this to add more classes if you like.

When you’ve added all of your classes, please remember to add the class called ENROLMENT FEE AUTUMN TERM (not applicable for babies and pre-primary classes) then click CHECKOUT.

Please read the terms and conditions carefully and tick the box to agree.


With our new system you can pay for your classes all in one go, in smaller chunks on your card online, in person at NAPA or set up a payment plan (direct debit).

When you’ve pressed CHECKOUT you’ll see a box entitled “How would you like to pay?” – choose either Credit/Debit card or Payment Plan.

Please don’t panic – you don’t have to pay everything today!

If you choose card payment, type in the amount you’d like to pay (could be 0), fill out your card details and click BOOK AND PAY.

If you choose payment plan, you can choose a plan and set up a direct debit. When you click BOOK AND PAY you will be able to enter your bank details and set up the instruction with your bank.

If you have any questions or difficulties with any of the new system, please email napa@northernacademy.org.uk or call us on 01482 310690 and we’ll do our best to help.

Thank you so much for your patience while we get used to the new way of working.